National geopark

Brown coal

Brown coal played such a decisive role in the economic development of our region, that it merits its own chapter. Medieval mineral plants produced alum, vitriol, sulphur and sulphuric acid from pyrite, which was extracted from coal seams. Coal began to be used as fuel in the 18th century, and industrial development led to increasing coal production.

The operations of underground mines and small opencasts were gradually replaced by large-scale surface mining, which peaked at the end of 20th century. As brown coal mining is being phased out, the landscape is being revitalized and devasted areas are turning into forests, meadows, golf courses and extensive bodies of water.



Caroli - dědičná štola na důl Josef-Jan u Pily, Družba - uhelný lom z vyhlídky Pískovec, Hernych - dědičná štola v Čisté u Svatavy, Lítovská výsypka, Minerální závod Svaté Trojice, Poldi, Silvestr.